Friday, June 19, 2015

Whole foods haul

Whole Foods Haul 
Hi guys over the past month I have been making trips to whole foods my favorite store and trying new things and thought that I would show and review what I got! 

This kombucha drink is my all time favorite I have been hocked on it.
The energy bar is good but not my favoptit it was a little too coconut for me.
The pomegranate baobab chews are delicious and are a part of every snack.( I'm eating them now :)
The blueberry chia pod was not that good to me but they are great in açaí bowls.
This sprouted humas is amazing, it is so much better than the generic kind and is healthier but has tons of flavor.
               The brown rice snaps are great on their own and I like to dip them in the humas.
I love seaweed but can usually only find it in individually packets that are always too big for me so when I found these I was so happy and they are great
Since I am a vegan I am always looking for good plant burgers but they can be hard to find, these engine 2 burgers are amazing. And of course you need dessert, this blood orange sorbet is amazing.

I bought this having never tried this and I am happy that I tried something new but this was a miss for me.

Since I am a vegan I am always looking for milk alternatives and  I heard a lot of people talking about hemp milk and decided to give it a try, I am so happy that I got it because it is amazing, I have it in my açaí bowls every morning.
And of course some more sorbet that is so delicious.

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