Tuesday, June 2, 2015

My morning routine

My Morning Routine 
This time of the year is always the hardest for me to stay on track,with the stress of finals and the excitement of summer, my mornings can get pretty hectic. I always feel that when I write my goals down and let other people see them that I stick to them. So here is my morning routine:)
  • First is waking up for school this means 6:40
  • Then I wash my face,brush my teeth, and do some yoga. My yoga routine is only about 10 minuets but it really starts my day off on the right foot.

  • Then its time for breakfast which is always an acai bowl and tea 
  • Then makeup(I try to keep my makeup minimal for school) and hair which is always a high ponytail

  • And then I get dressed, I always pick my outfit the night before just cause it saves so much time
  • And last is making lunch

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